Performing Art Foundation

Sue Hooper
Charitable Foundation
Aims & Objectives

The Trust’s objects are to administer funds available to it, mostly from donations – and by organising Concerts, Plays and Recitals.

Sue Hooper Charitable Foundation

The Trust’s objects are to administer funds available to it, mostly from donations – and by organising Concerts, Plays and Recitals. A Board of four Trustees – partly consisting of persons with a specific interest in Music, Drama and the Performing Arts, runs the Foundation. Other objectives of the Foundation are to promote, improve, develop and maintain public and private education in, and appreciation of, the Arts and the Science of Musical and Dramatic Education. It aims to do this partly by the promotion and funding of projects of general benefit e.g. expenses to attend Regional and National performing arts’ workshops and summer schools in all the disciplines of their subject – (dramatic/musical performances, equipment, national auditions, teaching, research, orchestras/bands, ensembles, choirs and the musical element of computer composition software projects etc).

A Board of Four Trustees

The Foundation has also helped in other special circumstances where individuals/groups – have benefited where the Trustees felt appropriate, and where a small amount of financial or practical assistance has been required. The Board of Trustees meet four times a year to discuss applications, and other business.

The Trust has donated many thousands of pounds to students and individuals, in Saltash and other parts of Cornwall County. Likewise, it has worked with local schools, and practitioners, providing Cornish dance, music and theatre workshops. In addition, provided funding for Regional and National Ballet Workshops at the Hall for Cornwall and the Leeds Youth National Ballet Scheme.

The Trust has funded many local ballet/dance students, including a student to audition in London for Billy Elliot (Josh Fedrick of Saltash starred in his first role at the West End November 2007 Royal Albert Hall, 2006 & 2007, as part of the National Youth Orchestra. Harriett Van de Vliet of St Germans has taken principal roles in the National Ballet Company, and has worked with Wayne Sleep at his ballet workshops; Harriett also performed in Nut Cracker Suite in London, and has done work at Covent Garden. Toni-Michelle Dent has also won a coveted place in a National Performing Arts School. The Trust has supported them all over many years. These are just a few of the young people that the Trust has funded, and supported in various other ways.

For individuals/organisations that wish to know more about the Trust, or might wish to help, please contact Sue Hooper or the contacts below.